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What’s Happening In Dallas In April

As spring enters full force in Dallas, the bright colors begin to come out of the closet. Rent My Wardrobe is the perfect place for you to find dresses to wear to some of the most anticipated events happening in Dallas. The app is launching next month and will be full of unique pieces from some of the most fabulous closets in Dallas. Until then, we want to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in the city.

The 2017 White Party Kickoff Event – Thursday, April 13th

This is the kickoff to one of the biggest fundraising events of the year. The Wilkinson Center focuses on transforming the lives of Dallas families by providing pathways to self-sufficiency with dignity and respect. This event will feature great cocktails, light bites and a ton of fun, hosted by the Young Friends of The Wilkinson Center. Plus, it will take place at Hotel Zaza and is sponsored by Park Place Dallas, so you know this is an event to be seen at!

Photo Credit: The White Party 

House of DIFFA: Preview Party – Tuesday, April 18th

Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDA (DIFFA) raises funds for organizations that aid in the fight against HIV/AIDS by providing preventative educational programs, treatment and direct care services for people living or impacted by HIV/AIDS. This preview party, hosted at the elegant Joule Hotel downtown, highlights the designer jackets available for auction at House of DIFFA: ARABESQUE! With cocktails sponsored by Kettle One and Peroni, you are sure to have a good time while supporting a great cause.

Photo Credit: DIFFA Dallas

Art Ball 2017 at the Dallas Museum of Art – Saturday, April 22nd

The 52nd annual Art Ball will support the DMA’s commitment to providing free access to its collections, as well as various exhibitions and educational programs. The theme is “All That Glitters” so make sure to bring out your sparkly outfits for the night!

Photo Credit: Art Ball Dallas

Ally’s Wish Boots and Blessings Gala 2017 – Saturday, April 29th 

Ally’s Wish is a nonprofit corporation, which provides a last “wish” to young, terminally ill mothers with small children. This event is taking place at Gilley’s so it will be important to bring out your boots and dresses, as this fun venue is unique to the city of Dallas.

Photo Credit: Ally’s Wish

Still not sure what to wear? Find great looks for these and other events on The app is launching soon, so make sure to take great photos of you and your squad so you can rent out your looks and make some extra cash!

Drop the Bonnet This Easter

Easter signals the height of Spring which means it’s time to pop out the pastels, right? Well, we love our bright colors, but we are going to give you a few tips for how to change it up a little this upcoming Easter Sunday. Here are some options on how you can keep it traditional or switch it up this year:

Cute Floral Dresses

This Easter, dress up and feel pretty with light and airy dresses that are easy to move in. This Spring, simplicity is key to looking elegant and beautiful. There’s nothing quite like a Spring-themed floral dress.

Photo Credit: Sequin & Stripes

Light Sweater

Spring time can still bring a breezy morning. Pair your Easter dress with that perfect soft, light colored sweater which will look great with just about anything you wear.

Photo Credit: Lilly Pulitzer

Springtime Hat

Spring is that time of year when it gets nice and bright. This means having a fun springtime hat is an absolute must. Whether you want to go with a bonnet or a brimmed option, hats have a way of bringing out that springtime fun.

Photo Credit: Palytte

Go Black

Care to show off your wild side this Easter? Why not! You can easily update the classic black outfit and accessorize it with an animal print purse or handbag to get started.

Photo Credit: The Style Bugalow

Belt It

A simple addition of a belt to your dress can help glam up an outfit this Easter, and help you stand out from the crowd. Sometimes the most simple things make the biggest difference.

Photo Credit: Atlantic-Pacific


If you don’t want to amaze, you can simply leave people in awe by using a roomy shirtdress to get that laid-back, California girl look.

Photo Credit: Boden USA

Skinny Jeans

If you can’t do without your pair of jeans, and you shouldn’t, then take those skinny jeans you have hiding at the bottom of your drawer and pair it up with a long, breezy blouse and some heels. You’ll feel sexy and comfy in no time.

Photo Credit: Just Marvellous

We love all of these styles and next Easter can’t come quick enough! Why is that? Because next Easter you will be able to use your Rent My Wardrobe app to get that perfect Easter outfit. Our launch is coming up quick, so make sure you go to to sign up and get all of the updates.

Perfect Dresses To Wear On A First Date

First dates can always be tricky. But, planning what to wear is trickier. If you’re tired of the generic stuff, here are some great dress styles to wear on your first date.

Photo Credit: Glamour

Go Fancy

If you’ve planned something fancy for the first date, then you’ll have to dress the part. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with looking lady-like for your first date. Try a mini-dress, which is not extraordinary, but the secret sauce to this outfit will be the high heels that you pair it with. Include some jeweled embellishments and you’ve got some serious sex appeal.

Photo Credit: VICI Collection

Go Nude

Not literally, but when you’re both at the initial stages, it pays to knock his socks off. Try wearing a nude dress that’s paired with tan heels, and make him brag about how cool you are, and that will be no lie!

Photo Credit: Showpo

Mix and Match

If you want to try out something different other than the high-maintenance look, that’ll probably scare him off, why not go with a flowy, boho dress, and top it off with a khaki jacket.

Photo Credit: Glam Radar

Leather Up

Just because you’re going out on a first date does not mean you have to dress boring. Shake things up by adding leather shorts to the skirt and blazer routine. The best thing about leather shorts is they make your legs look a mile long, and will easily make you look sexy. Add a punchy lip-gloss and you’re on to something.

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

Try Lace

For most girls, the go-to outfit for a first date is usually a casual dress. You can layer a lacy dress over a simple tank top and that’s all there is to it really. What you get is a sexy but modest outfit that will allow you to impress the guy with your laid back style.

Photo Credit: Ohhlalook

Behind the Scenes with Rachel Sipperley, Owner and Founder of Rent My Wardrobe

Rachel Sipperley, is the founder and brains behind the idea that is set to change the fashion industry. Everyone who knows her, knows that her focus is for women in business and entrepreneurship, and her passion is to empower women to become more financially savvy and contribute to the community. Get to know her and learn more about the heart behind the Rent My Wardrobe  app in this Q&A with the founder.

When did you initially come up with the Rent My Wardrobe concept and how did you know to move forward with the idea?

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but didn’t exactly know what or how to go about that. A lot of companies that have blown up in the last few years are centered around this idea of facilitating a peer to peer exchange, but not actually selling a product or service. Uber is the largest transportation company in the world and owns no fleet. Airbnb is the world’s largest accommodation provider, yet owns no real estate. It’s about creating a platform for consumers to interact with each other.

I didn’t know what I would do… but I knew it had to be something like that. Although I don’t have a fashion or technology background, I identified a need that, especially in Dallas, girls need a lot of dresses for a lot of events. I constantly was asking friends and having friends ask me to borrow dresses for various occasions. I couldn’t believe this concept didn’t already exist!

How are you using this platform to enable women to be their own entrepreneur?

There were a handful of networking marketing and home parties, like health and beauty products and jewelry sales, that became super popular in the last decade or so – for women working inside and outside the home – to generate additional revenue on the side. The modern woman is looking for ways to side hustle and earn extra cash without having to burn out friends and family. Most people don’t have a few thousand dollars lying around to invest in one of these “avenues” to generate additional income.

Rent My Wardrobe gives women the ability to make a residual revenue on items they almost certainly already own. I envision the app as a platform to teach younger ladies interested in entrepreneurship how to run a business. Your homecoming dress was $500? Rent that out 3 times and cover your prom dress with the proceeds, and then rent that one out and keep adding to your closet and your inventory.

What is your vision with Rent My Wardrobe?

Because I am passionate about equipping and empowering women and girls to work hard, earn a living, and become a “Lady-Boss”, I am adamant about giving back to the community and creating opportunities for women of all ages and backgrounds to flourish. I have a lot of ideas on how to partner with organizations and causes in Dallas, the state of Texas, and nationwide as we expand. We are working on a project to pair up young ladies from affluent high schools with girls in surrounding communities, that are well deserving, but might not be afforded the same opportunities.

Personally, I never went to my junior or senior prom because I didn’t want to pay for the dress. This app changes that and gives affordable options. I have a particular soft spot for military families and children of single parent homes, and definitely want to give every girl a chance to go to prom and rock a gorgeous gown! This partner program will be such an incredible and unique learning experience for everyone involved and something people will get excited about. We want to make an impact. We want to make a difference. By “creating opportunities” that means a literal, hands-on approach.

How does your company help women be financially savvy and why is this important to you?

I think it’s silly to spend loads of money on something you are only going to wear once or twice. I have always been quite frugal and often borrow dresses for events. However, if I could get a killer dress and know that I had the ability to pay for it, simply by renting it out when it otherwise would be collecting dust in my closet, I would be way more likely to purchase that item because I would get my “money’s worth.” Likewise, there are some phenomenal dresses I know other ladies in Dallas own that I could rent for a weekend for the fraction of the cost of buying one. It’s a win-win.

The millennial consumer is smarter and less sentimental or attached to clothing. I believe women are more self-conscious now than ever before about wearing the same thing twice.  Snapchat and Instagram has normalized instantaneously published, time stamped photos. When I was in high school, you could wear your best friend’s dress and “no one would remember.” Now with everything posted on social media, it’s a lot harder for girls to share closets within their inner circle squad. This is a huge factor in why the idea of rental fashion has exploded the past few years. The benefit of a peer-to-peer platform is you are not wasting money on shipping and overhead charges. Not to mention, every dress you rent helps another lady boss get a little savvier too!

You can tell Rachel has a passion for this company and others. Her overall goal is to empower women to become their own independent self and with Rent My Wardrobe there is an opportunity for thousands to do that. One way that happens is with your help. Share RMW on your social media pages and tag us at @rentmywardrobeapp to be part of this movement to change the way we think about business.

The Best Colors for Spring 2017

It’s almost Spring, which means it will soon be time to strip down and pack away the bulky pea coat. Now that it’s time to strip down to something lighter and airier, all that’s left to do is choose the colors. We want to make sure you are flaunting some of the colors that are hot this year for spring and will soon be available on the Rent My Wardrobe app!

Rose Quartz

The soothing and calming nature of spring has lead to the inclusion of persuasive, yet gentle tones, one of which is Rose Quartz. This color easily conveys a sense of composure and compassion. Rose Quartz easily reminds you of the serene sunset, the flowers blowing in the breeze and those balmy spring days leading on to summer. Wearing these colors will make you feel like you are always on vacation.

Photo Credit: Impressions Boutique


Peach Echo

The Peach Echo is another favorite when it comes to colors of spring time. This shade emanates warmth and approachability, two friendly qualities that one would like to be associated with this spring. Let’s just say, this color makes you feel just “peachy.”

Photo Credit: Shop The Mint


Snorkel Blue

This color palette is inspired by Maritime Blue and comes from the navy family, but with a happier and more energetic feel. While the name alone implies a relaxing spring day, the color itself is incredibly striking, and yet still like the ocean. With Snorkel Blue, you may catch yourself booking your next trip to the beach.

Photo Credit: The Mint Julep



This is a high-energy color palette, which evokes the feeling of excitement. The strong and fiery color encourages free-spirited exploration and an escape from the mundane.

Photo Credit: Vestidos Glam



Buttercup is a welcome diversion from the usual colors of spring, which is calm and clean. This color can easily transport you to a place that’s cheerful and happier. No, it’s not Fiesta, but this subtle color will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Photo Credit: Wedding Bee


Green Flash

This year you get to go green, literally with a Green Flash. This brilliant hue is a reminder of the persistent influence of nature on all of us. This hue is starting a trend that will continue to inspire designers in coming months. Let’s just say, you won’t need a bunch of bling to stand out this spring.

Photo Credit: Emerald Youth Foundation


Find these colors and other great looks on the Rent My Wardrobe app launching on iOS and Android this spring. Visit us at to sign up for updates and follow @rentmywardrobeapp on Instagram and Facebook.

Importance of Financial Stewardship

You probably heard of the word during mass, but few people actually know what the word stewardship really means, let alone how the Rent My Wardrobe app can assist in being financially savvy. We are going to tackle both these questions, beginning with the meaning of the word “Stewardship.”

What does Stewardship Mean?

The word means a person who acts as the surrogate of another, as in managing or overseeing and protecting another’s properties or financial affairs. Financial stewardship means helping others manage their finances, or being a steward of the funds of a client. Personal financial stewardship represents the care, planning, and management of financial resources or the choices people make towards their finances. In contrast, the antonyms of this word are waste, squandering, and negligence, which further clarifies the importance of financial stewardship.

It should also be noted that financial stewardship does not mean being a math wizard, or holding advanced degrees in finance, or being someone who has been identified as left brained or analytical. With that in mind, it is important to claim personal responsibility when it comes to financial stewardship. Financial stewardship means having the ability to manage current resources and teaching children about finance management. A financial steward must be able to judge wisely and objectively. But even more importantly, a financial steward is a person who has the passion and discipline to protect the long-term interests of others.

So, How Can Rent My Wardrobe help you become a Financial Steward?

Use the Rent My Wardrobe app to become the financially savvy, lady-boss that you already are!

  • Create a closet and immediately generate additional income by renting out dresses you already own.
  • Steward your own resources and see monthly statement earnings from rented items as you rake in the cash.
  • Save money on dresses only worn once and support fellow lady-bosses by renting from them for your next event.
  • Spread the word to others! The more dresses posted, the larger the shopping selection for you and your squad.

If you found this article helpful, please share this with your family and friends!



Dress Styles to Wear to Impress in the Office

It’s time you updated your work wardrobe with a collection of cute and work appropriate dresses. Here are some ideas that will help you dress for success.

The French Connection

This dress has everything you would want in a dress for the workplace. From the three-quarter length sleeves that can be rolled up to slanted edges, this look becomes extremely versatile. The neckline can be a funnel or a collar, which makes this dress a savvy choice for all those working women who want to dress smart for the office.

Blue Marl Ruched V-Neck Dress

This is a great dress to have for wearing at the office. It’s both reasonably priced and comfortable enough to spend the full day in. The knit fabric that is fully lined along with the soft and stretchy seams makes this perfect for business trips or office parties as well.

Go For the Classic Look

This is a great sleeveless dress that has been inspired by the 50s but also offers a surprising contemporary twist. The dress is perfect for those hot summer days and can be worn in winter as well, with a long sleeved top or a short cardi, making this a year-long dress option for the working woman.

Knitted Dress

If you’re not afraid of horizontal stripes then this should be just perfect for the office. This dress looks incredible with its dark panels and the super comfortable fabric. To shake things up you can dress it up with high heels or ankle boots.

The Ponte Flare Long Dress

Photo Credit:

When all else fails, it pays to have a slim-cut sheath dress in your closet, especially since it’s incredibly affordable. Choose a rich color to make the dress look more expensive than it actually is. Blue is big news this season, so you would want to have at least one blue dress in your arsenal.


Unique Events You May Not Know About In Dallas

Most folks think that big cities are where all the fun is at. When it comes to entertainment, Dallas is never too far behind from many of the major cities in US. The following are some of the most anticipated events in Dallas this year where you can wear whatever you want, even a dress!

North Texas Irish Festival – March

Photo Credit:

The Venue: Fair Park.

The North Texas Irish Festival attracts more than 60,000 people from across the country and is a big deal for residents of Dallas. The event also happens to be the second oldest Irish festival that’s celebrated in the US, and it is the largest in the southwest. There’s lots of food, music and of course dancing which makes this festival one that you would not want to miss out on.

Deep Ellum Arts Festival – April

Photo Credit: Culture Hype

The Venue: Deep Ellum Entertainment District

The Deep Ellum Arts Festival is a fun festival that is a lot like a large street party. The festival is free to all and features four outdoor stages where artists perform non-stop. More than 65 national and international artists perform at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival including hundreds of visual artists as well. Finally, there is also a pet parade followed by a Rock Art Show that visitors can enjoy along with an abundance of food.

Savor Dallas – April

Photo Credit: Savor Dallas Facebook


The Venue: Various Venues

For food lovers, the Savor Dallas festival is filled with all sorts of gastronomical delicacies. Savor Dallas lasts for a full weekend and is held in multiple locations across Dallas and Irving. There are events such as a wine stroll at the Dallas Museum of Art and the Nasher Sculpture Center along with various other opportunities to sample some amazing local dishes from some of the best restaurants in Dallas.

Best Colors for Winter Clothes

Winter always calls for a wardrobe change and sometimes, it can lead to naturally gravitating towards different color tones as well. However, there are some colors that just work really well for winter clothes. If you’re not aware of what they are, take a look some of the best winter colors for clothes:

Photo Credit: Fall & Winter 2017 Coats Trends | LOOKBOOK | Fashion Trend Seeker | YouTube

Neutral Browns and Grays

Neutral browns and grays work amazingly well for winter. These colors are also suitable for any skin tone and they work well with other colors too. It’s always best to get these for outerwear such as cloaks and coats since it can be nice to finish off an outfit with a warm brown coat.

Deep Maroons, Blues, and Greens

If you’re a fan of dark colors, deep maroons, dark blues and bottle greens are great to add to your winter clothes. Whether you get a dress or a turtleneck, these colors will help add more warmth to your look that is perfect for counteracting against the cold, chilly weather.

Pastel Blues, Purples, and Pinks

If you want to add a splash of color, go for pastels. Blues, pinks, and purples look amazing in winter and their pale colors add a nice frosted look that goes well with the chilly weather. Pay attention to your skin tone since pastel colors can be difficult to match well.

Warm Reds and Oranges

Warm colors, red, red-orange, and orange, in particular, appear particularly vibrant and festive so be sure to add these to your winter clothes as well. If you’re not in the mood to wear a deep red or orange sweater, just limit the color to the accessories. By accessorizing correctly, you can add a nice splash of color to complete your outfit.

With the help of these, you can ensure that any winter clothes you choose are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.