Put cash in your pocket and keep your clothes!

Rent My Wardrobe is the first app-based platform that facilitates a consumer to consumer rental service for women’s fashion. Put cash in your pocket by renting dresses you already own to women in your third party networks with the advantage of social media verification.

The RMW app saves you time and money from high dollar department store price tags and other dress rental sites. By renting from other women in your geographical area, you eliminate high margin for shipping costs and warehouse overhead. Worried about a rentee damaging your dress? We’ve got you covered! See our FAQs for more details.

Secure Check-Out

The protection of our users’ transactions is very important. That’s why we guarantee that your credit card information is safe and secure.

Geo Tagging Capability

Instantly access available dresses in your area. Last minute wedding invite? The perfect solution could be down the hallway of your own apartment complex.

In App Messaging

Build rapport and comfortability with other gals before personal information is ever released. Yes, we’re like tinder – without the bad pickup lines.

Filtered Searching

Filtered Searching

No endless scrolling here! Find your perfect look by filtering for designer, size, style, body type, age range and more!

User Autonomy Preferences

Have a favorite dry cleaner or prefer your dress be returned already cleaned? You get to choose!

Social Media Verification

See who you are renting to and from before you make the exchange. Creep all you want, you’ll probably even have some friends in common.

Calendar Availability

Manage your own closet and instantly see when dresses in your area are available or rented. Plan ahead for all five of those holiday parties or see what’s available night of!

2-Way Feedback

See the rating of every user you rent from or to, so you’ll know in advance what and whom you’re working with. Just like Uber, if your score drops too low, we will drop you – so play nice.


Create a killer profile and link your social media!


List a dress and upload photo(s) of a dress to your closet.


Select availability in calendar and create preferences and tags.


Respond to rental inquiry and arrange the exchange.


Get Paid!


Rate your renter.


Search local inventory for specific size/ style/ location/ availability.


Contact the owner and arrange the exchange.


Pay rental fee for agreed upon timeframe.


Turn heads at your event or night out in your new killer look.


Return the item to owner or drop off at dry cleaners.


Rate your Lister.


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Made in Dallas

Rent My Wardrobe is a female owned and operated company based in Dallas, Texas. The brand was conceptualized on the premise of empowering and equipping women to become their own entrepreneur and creating a platform to educate and motivate younger women interested in business. The beauty behind the concept is the reach of multi-layers of socioeconomic classes and age ranges of females. Users have a two-way advantage of saving money on clothes they rent and making money on clothes they list. We are dedicated to giving back to the community and creating opportunities for women to flourish.